Pool Rota

To allow us to properly organise our pool session, we use a program called Dutyman.  Our club members support the Monday night pool sessions by providing a pool-side safety and monitoring duty.  Please keep a regular eye on your emails to see when your next duty is taking place, and please ensure you “confirm” your duty so we know you will be attending.  If you have not yet completed a pool duty, we run training each year in January.  Further information can be found on the website.

All club members are invited to attend the annual Yellow Short Pool Duty training session, which is normally held on the 1st Monday in January, however please check the club calendar here to confirm.

This session is a fantastic training session for any club member wishing to volunteer their time to performing this vital and required duty for the safe operation of the club pool sessions.

Also, it provides a great refresher session for all club members who already perform this duty and keeps everyone up to date with current Club Policies and Standards.

All club members are kindly requested to attend this session and put themselves forward for this club duty. It is essential that we are able to share the volunteer aspects of the club so we can maintain a high level of safety for all members and share out the responsibility.


To confirm any of your duties please use the link below, you’ll be redirected to the Dutyman website.