Some of the more common questions below, if you still have questions please get in touch with us

Where are we based?

Head over to the “Where We Meet” page to find out more.

How do I join?

Come along to any Monday Night pool session (except bank holidays), complete the mandatory swim and capsize tests. A member of the committee will be on hand to take you through the next stages of joining the club, whether that’s straight away or after the 5 weeks introduction period.

What if I'm under 18 years of age?

A parent or guardian will have to complete the form to allow you to paddle at the pool on a Monday night.

What time are the pool sessions on a Monday night?

Under 16s – 20:00-20:30
Under 18s – 20:30-21:00
Adults – 21:00-22:00

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, you’ll need to be able to swim 50m, to do this enter pool at shallow end, swim one length on the 25m pool under the observation of the club supervisor. Climb out of the pool and jump back in and swim another length. Any stroke can be used. Time taken is not a factor.

Can I hire a kayak/canoe from the club?

Only club members are able to hire kayak/canoes, they are charged at £5 a day or £10 for a weekend.

Can I store my kayak/canoe at the club?

We have limited space to hold members kayak/canoes, however we can always find room. We charge £20 a year storage fees.

How often does the club organise trips?

If you head over to our Events page and you’ll see we generally try to go on a weekend trip and a day trip each month.