As you probably noticed it’s been really busy in the Monday night youth session so we’re going to change our approach slightly for the next few weeks up to the school holidays when we traditionally have a lull in numbers.  This is to try to make it fairer for everyone and to make sure as much as possible that everyone can have a go in a boat.

Our agreement with the pool is 16 boats maximum so this naturally means we can only accommodate 32 in our usual 2 half hour sessions.  This means we need to fill both half hour sessions and encourage the young people to take a boat when one is available.

So from this Monday we will give each of the young people a coloured band.  The first 16 in the queue will be expected to go in the first half hour session, followed by the next 16 of a different coloured band.  If we go above 32 we’ll split the session into three 20 minute ones.  Obviously if there are any spaces in the final session someone can have another go.

Any suggestions or feedback?  Please email