After several years we thought it was finally time to retire the old Bromley Canoe Club website and replace it with a slicker, more advanced responsive website.

So what’s new?

We’ve refreshed the website content, as well as introducing a “Latest News section”, so that we can keep you informed on what the club is up to.

We are also going to be trialling selling merchandising through the website in the next few weeks so check back for updates.

Our new site gives us a fantastic platform to engage with you guys, the club members and potential new members – so watch this space.

It’s responsive too!

With the increased use of mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads our site has also been optimised for smart phones and tablets, which means that all of our visitors should be able to access our content on the go.

Going forward…

We will continue to communicate regularly through our Latest News page, provide new articles & notifications. We also plan to continue to add more video & photo content as well as producing reports on places that we go, so we can interact more as a club.

There are going to be several phases in which we take the site forward, phase one is what you see here, making the site responsive & give it a more modern feel. The next few phases will introduce social media links across the site and also the ability for club members to publish articles

We know how busy you are but if you have a minute, have a browse and see what you think. We’d welcome any feedback and thoughts.

Many thanks,
Rob Hole-Thomas
Bromley Canoe Club